Our History

Water, Earth, Air and Fire. The 4 Elements of Nature are considered the origin of everything.

It was believed that the combination of them gave place to the human existence in the search of knowing what we see and feel is made of.

During our journey of creating this project, we understood that the memory, the history and life resembles the vine to a human. Thus, we decided to go deep into its beginning, its nature and its four elements.

We seek to nourish from the experience offered by our vineyards in order to produce quality wines through natural and organic impressions and using ancient concepts.

Our vineyards represent the pure differences given by the distinct terroirs. We work on each step based on the concept of sustainability and natural handling under the belief that freedom is a synonym of quality.

Contact Us

Phone: +54 9 2615 36-5212
Sells: juanm@piegrandewines.com.ar
Uco Valley - Mendoza - Argentina